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Chapter 19: A Simple Thank You

My love for you, my respect for you.The purpose of my very existence has changed and widened since I met you. You allowed me to accept myself and see my inner beauty.
Since I met you I started daring to love, laugh, and dance again. You opened my eyes to beauty, to the poetry of life. I feel younger, almost childlike, amazed by the beauty which permeates everything - a young pagan roving with pleasure, drinking the juice, enjoying every drop of it.
Is it deeply immoral?

No, it is immensely moral. It is the only morality there is - to be a pagan, to squeeze every drop of juice of every moment in life; to be a child, innocent, again running after butterflies, collecting seashells on the beach, colored stones.seeing the beauty of existence which surrounds you, allowing yourself to love and be loved.

Love is the beginning of religion.

And love is also the end of religion.

And a religious person is always young. Even when he is dying he is young. Even in his death he is full of joy, full of dance, full of song.

I teach you to be pagans and I teach you to have the innocence of children. I teach you to know the wonder and the mystery of existence - not to analyze it but to enjoy it, not to make a theory out of it but to make a dance out of it.

The whole existence is dancing, except men. They have become a big graveyard.

I am calling you to come out of your graves.

No, it is not immoral. All the religions will say it is, but all those religions are wrong. Whoever says this is immoral is just against humanity, against existence, against joy, against bliss, against everything that leads to godliness.

I am all for it.