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Chapter 21: Science Has to Be Religious

And the scientific methodology is simple. For objective exploration science needs billions of dollars, but for inner exploration you don’t need even a single dollar. So there is no problem at all. Meditation is individual, and does not depend on anybody’s support.

Doubt all the dogmas, because doubt is just like a sharp sword. Cut all the ideologies from the very roots. Use doubt for clearing the ground, and then use any method of meditation. You can choose from one hundred and twelve methods.

This is for the first time that anybody is making one hundred and twelve methods available to his disciples. Buddha had one method, Mahavira had one method, Lao Tzu had one method, Patanjali had one method.

I am not a man who is linear; I am multidimensional.

Those single methods were enough for self-realization, but if you move through different methods, you will come across different spaces, different wonders, different experiences, different flavors, fragrances.

But perhaps you may not be able to do all the methods. Then look into the methods and choose ones that you feel have a certain attraction for you. Even if you can manage ten methods, you will be ten times richer than Gautam Buddha!

I have tried all one hundred and twelve methods. Hence I can say I am both the poorest man on the earth, with not a single cent, and the richest man who has ever existed - because I have seen myself from every possible path. And each path had its own richness, its own music, its own poetry, its own colors.

I would like you to try as many methods as possible. But whenever you do a method, go to the very end. Don’t start changing from one method to another unless you have reached to the very end.

And it is something to be remembered, that if you can manage to reach your inner self through one method, the other one hundred and eleven methods will become very easy to you, because now you know exactly where you are going. And now you can go with a deep trust - which was missing in the first method. Now you can avoid all the mistakes that you made in the first method. You can avoid all the pitfalls which prevented you, delayed you in reaching your own self.

Once you have done at least three methods, then you can move easily in all the remaining methods. You will be surprised - no mistake, no pitfall, no disturbance, just.(He snaps his fingers) like a click! Any method you start and you are at the end. You have passed through the whole scene with jet-speed.

Yes, science has to be religious.

If it is not going to be religious, then it is going to be in the service of politics, in the service of war, in the service of death.

If science becomes religious, then it will be in the service of life, in the service of love, in the service of rejoicings.