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Chapter 15: Sannyas: Getting Free from the Past

The first question:

You have said to us that we should not concern ourselves with others. But most of us from the West have friends and relatives with whom we would like to share what we’ve found.
What should we tell them about sannyas? What should we tell them about you? How can we explain the unexplainable?

There are things which cannot be told, you cannot share them verbally. But there is a way to share them and that is through your being. Be a sannyasin; that is the only way to tell others what sannyas is. If you are a sannyasin your whole being will say that which cannot be said. Then your whole way of life will tell stories which cannot be conceptualized.

Language is impotent. It cannot say that which is alive, it can say only dead things. You can say something about sannyas, but it will not be true. How can you say anything about sannyas? It is an inner flowering, it is an inner freedom, it is an inner ecstasy, a benediction. You can share it of course, but the sharing will be through your being, through your very being - the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you look, your eyes, your body, your very breath. The silence that surrounds you, the bliss that goes on and on being thrown all about you, your vibrations - they will tell and only they can tell.

Be a sannyasin; that is the only way.

And what is sannyas? It is a freedom from the mind. It will be difficult to understand sannyas if you don’t understand what mind is. Mind is the accumulated past. All that you have experienced, all that you have known, all that you have lived through is accumulated in the memory. That accumulated past is the mind. So mind is always dead because it belongs to the past. Mind is always dead, never alive. Whenever a thing has become dead it becomes part of the mind. It is just like dust that a traveler gathers. You are here and now, and mind is always in the past. Mind is your shadow that follows you.

Sannyas is getting free from the past, living in the moment - not carrying the past in the head, not being burdened by it. Moment to moment, die to the past as if it never existed, as if you are born anew. Every moment be fresh and young. Put aside the past. Don’t gather the dust. If you gather dust you will get duller and duller every day. Your consciousness will be covered, your mirror-like being will not be able to mirror anything. The longer you have lived with the past, the more the mirror will be covered. It will not reflect. You will become less and less sensitive. This is what has happened.

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