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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

When you are not identified, the identification is broken. Who, then, is your mother? She has not given birth to you but only to this body which is going to die. So your mother has not given you life; rather, on the contrary, your mother has given you one more death. Your father has not given you life, he has given you one more possibility to die. Once you are not identified with the body you have broken from the family, you are uprooted.

So the family can tolerate it if you go to a prostitute. It is okay, nothing is wrong; rather, on the contrary, you are getting more and more identified with the body. If you become an alcoholic, if you are a drunkard, it is okay, because you are getting more and more identified with the body. Nothing is wrong in it. But if you become a meditator, if you become a sannyasin, then it is not okay. Then it is difficult because you are being uprooted. Then the family no longer has power over you; then you are no longer part of the family, because you are no longer part of this world.

So Jesus says: The father will be against the son, the son will be against the father. And: I have come to disrupt, to divide, to create conflict and friction.

This is true. You can worship a Buddha, but ask Buddha’s father: he is against him. Ask Buddha’s relatives: they are against him, because the man has gone beyond their control. Not only that, he is also helping others to go beyond the control of the society, of the family.

The family is the basic unit of society. When you go beyond society you have to go beyond the family, but this does not mean that you should hate it, that is not the point; nor that you should go against it, that is not the point either. That is going to happen anyway. Once you start to find yourself, all that has been before will be disrupted, there is going to be chaos. So what should you do? They will pull you back, they will try to bring you back, they will make every effort to do so. What should be done?

There are two ways: one is the old way which is to escape from them, not to give them any opportunity. But I think that is no longer applicable. The other is to be with them, but as an actor: don’t give them the opportunity to know that you are moving beyond them. Move, let it be your inner journey, but outwardly fulfill all formalities: touch the feet of your father and your mother and be a good actor.

The old way cannot be followed by many. That’s why the earth could not become religious, because how many people can step out of society? And even if they step out of society, society has to take care of them. When Buddha was here, or Mahavira or Jesus, then thousands left their families. But still only thousands: millions were left behind and they had to take care of them. The whole earth cannot become religious if that is the only way. And it is not good either; it can be done in a more beautiful way, and that beautiful way is to be a good actor.