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Chapter 15: The Path is Found

Einstein is reported to have said, “If I was born again, I would not want to be a scientist. Rather, I would like to be a plumber. Whatsoever I have done is destructive. Whatsoever I have revealed, my whole life is wasted. It seems that I may be one of the persons responsible for the destruction of the whole of humanity.”

His last days were of deep suffering. A secret had been revealed, but man was not yet ready, not yet worthy of the revelation. Man is childish, stupid, foolish. Such a great power - atomic energy - cannot be given into his hands.

And now, politicians have captured the secret. And politicians are bound to be stupid; they cannot be anything else, because any person who has political ambitions is an egoist. The desire to capture power is the desire of the ego, and the ego is the most foolish thing possible. It can force you to do anything, it is mad. Political ambition is an obsession with the ego.

Scientists have revealed certain secrets and politicians have captured those secrets, then they destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And now they are ready to destroy the whole planet. The whole earth could be destroyed any moment. We have more destructive force now than is needed to destroy the earth - seven times more. We can destroy seven earths like this, this is nothing. And we are developing more and more destructive powers. For what? Why is there so much hankering after death and destruction? Einstein says that it was foolish on the scientists’ part to reveal, to force nature to reveal certain secrets for which man was not yet worthy. But you can do it, because matter can be forced.

You cannot do it inwardly. Consciousness cannot be forced. No inner secret can be revealed to you unless you are ready for it. Unless it is going to be beneficial to you and others, it cannot be revealed. So this sutra says: having conquered the desires of the individual soul - ambition, ego, power-lust, thinking yourself to be the center of the universe - unless you have conquered these, the innermost secrets of consciousness cannot be revealed to you.

.having conquered the desires of the individual soul, and having obtained knowledge, prepare now, O disciple, to enter upon the way in reality. Whatsoever we were working with up until now was work on the consciousness: your own consciousness, subjective consciousness. All the sutras up to now were meant to work, to function, to change, to transform, to mutate subjective consciousness. When one comes to be totally aware in his subjective world, he can enter the objective, he can now enter reality.

Remember this: if you move within, you move into the subjective; if you move out, you move into the objective; if you move beyond both, you move in reality. Objectivity is not reality, objectivity is part of reality. Subjectivity is also not reality. It is, again, part of reality. When subjectivity and objectivity are both transcended, you enter reality.

If you use your senses for an outer journey you will reach objects. If you use your senses for the inner journey you will reach the subject, the knower. Through the outer, the object - the known. Through the inner, the knower, the subject - the self. But both are parts. Reality consists of both.

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