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Chapter 5: Killing the Buddha

And that object is not an ordinary object - it has a special quality to it. It has to be understood, because the whole metaphysics is the blanket of the child, the rag doll. If you take the rag doll, the child cannot go to sleep; he is missing something. That is his TM, transcendental meditation. That is his prayer - that rag doll is his god.

To you, that rag doll seems outside. To the child, it is not outside his being; it is part of his innermost being. That rag-doll exists somewhere on the boundary of inside and outside. The outside is the world of objects and the inside is the world of your being, and that rag doll exists just on the boundary, part of both. In a sense, part of the world; in a sense, part of your innermost being. It is the most strange thing in the world - but it gives security, it protects you. You never feel alone; you are always occupied.

It becomes a ritual. The first thing in the morning, the child will look for his rag doll. If it is there then everything is okay; things are in their place. He goes to sleep with it; first thing in the morning, he looks for it. If the rag doll is there then everything is still okay; nothing is disturbed. That rag doll is his world.

He has systematized the world. The world is vast and the child is impotent. He cannot boss over the world, but he can boss over the rag doll. With the rag-doll, he becomes a master. With the world, he is just a helpless child in the hands of others.too big, too incomprehensible.

With the rag doll, he is no longer a small child; he is somebody big, a boss. He can do whatsoever he wants with the rag doll: he can throw it, he can be angry at it, he can beat it. Then he can praise it and persuade it and love it and hug it and kiss it. And whatsoever he wants he can do, and the rag doll is absolutely impotent. He is the absolute master of the situation.

All metaphysics is of the same quality. Your gods or your rag dolls.your Linus is still holding a piece of blanket. If you really want to know what life is, all rag dolls have to be dropped, shattered. All illusions have to be shattered so that you can become capable of knowing what truly is. All make-believes have to be dropped.

People go on hiding behind their make-believes. They are your caves. No light enters, no fresh air comes - but you feel protected. Your beliefs almost become your death - but still you feel protected. That’s why I always say that a religious man is the most courageous man in the world. And there is no other way to live life than to be ready to face the danger of it.

I have heard an anecdote:

During a Yiddish play, the curtain fell suddenly and the manager of the theater stepped out before the audience, in the last degree of agitation.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “I’m distressed to have to tell you that the great and beloved actor, Mendel Kalb, has just had a fatal heart-attack in his dressing-room and we cannot continue.”

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