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Chapter 27: Crossianity

I have heard.

A man was catching flies. Finally after two or three hours’ effort he caught four flies. He told his wife, “I have caught four flies: two are male, two are female.”

The wife said, “My God, how did you figure out who is male and who is female?”

He said, “Easy! Two were sitting for almost two hours on the mirror and two were for two hours reading the newspaper!”

We are so much identified with the periphery of our being that we have forgotten that the periphery does not exist in itself. There must be a center inside. And the search for the center is the only religious search - not for God, not for heaven, not for any rewards for your virtues, not to avoid hell and punishment.

There is only one authentic religious search and that is to know your innermost being. It is the being of the whole universe. By entering your innermost temple you have entered the real temple. All other temples are false, man-manufactured; all other gods in those temples are false, they are man-manufactured.

Only one thing is not man-manufactured and that is your innermost dignity, your innermost grace. That grace starts flooding your outer being too. And that grace transforms not only the inner, but gives a new look to your outer being: an innocence, a serenity, a depth, a peace, a love, and these are all flowers blossoming around you. Then even your periphery becomes so beautiful, so musical, such a dance of rejoicing.

But you should start from the inner.

What is civilization?

Milarepa, civilization has not happened yet. It is a false idea that we are civilized people - civilized people and continuously preparing for war?

Even the animals don’t eat, don’t kill their own species. It is only man who kills his own species - no lion will kill another lion, no dog will kill another dog. No lion will eat another lion. Man is the only one who can be a cannibal. There are still small groups around the world in isolated places who are cannibals. They are remnants of the past, but they are still there.

In Africa there is a small cannibal colony in the thick forest. There used to be three thousand at the beginning of this century; now they are only three hundred because, when they cannot find anybody else, they have to eat somebody from their own group. They are getting reduced in numbers - they eat their own children, they eat their own parents. Once in a while they get a Christian missionary, but that is very rare.

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