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Chapter 2: Spread the Message


Relax, let go, but remain a witness, watching whatever happens.

A great silence descends over you, a deep peace arises in your being. Your separation from the universe disappears; you start melting and merging. Gautama the Buddha Auditorium starts looking like a lake of consciousness without any ripples.

The evening was beautiful on its own, but the presence of ten thousand buddhas has made it a splendor. Everything around you, the bamboos, the stars, all are rejoicing and dancing. Even a single buddha and the whole universe goes on a festival - and when ten thousand people are centered the whole universe becomes a celebration.

Collect as much joy, peace, silence, blissfulness, ecstasy, to bring with you, and persuade the buddha to come along. It is your very nature.

He has to express into your actions, into your gestures, into your words, into your silences.

He has to become your whole being, your poetry, your song, your dance.


Come back, but remember, you are coming back as buddhas - with the same grace, with the same beauty, with the same splendor. Sit down for a few moments just to recollect, to remember the golden path that you have traveled, the tremendous peace in the innermost shrine of your being - the grace that is your nature, the awareness that is your birthright.

Now, sitting like a buddha, you are the most fortunate, the most blessed beings on the earth at this moment.

You have to spread this ecstasy around the world.

This benediction you have to share with all and sundry, with friends and strangers.

We have to make this whole earth aflame with a new passion - the passion of your innermost being - with a new fire which only burns the false and brings out the pure gold.

Mankind has forgotten the language of being a buddha. We have to spread the message to the furthest corners of the earth.