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Chapter 28: The Disappearance of Sex

Only in the beginning will it be difficult; soon it will become very easy. When there are two persons growing together, many times gaps will arise because people cannot keep pace with each other; everybody has his own speed, everybody has his own unique growth pattern. But if you love, you can wait a little till the other arrives, and then, hand in hand, you can move further.

I want my people particularly not to think ever of celibacy. If celibacy comes by itself, that’s another matter; you are not responsible for it. And then it will never bring any perversion, then it will bring a great conversion of energies.

Can innocence be aware of itself?

Innocence cannot be aware of itself. The moment it is aware of itself, it is no longer innocent; corruption has already entered in, the ego has started forming itself. Innocence does not know that it is innocent. Innocence simply knows, “I don’t know.” But it is not aware that this is called “innocence”; the moment it becomes aware, suddenly it is lost. Hence those who are aware of their innocence are the greatest egoists in the world.

The ego has such subtle ways, that it goes on coming from the back door.you may throw it out from the front door, and it will come from the back door again. And each time it will come in such a way that you cannot hear its footsteps. It can come and hide itself in humbleness, it can come and hide itself in innocence, it can come and hide itself in love. Basically, these are not the spaces where ego should be found. But ego can manage to live in places where ordinarily it is not suspected. Hence one has to be very alert.

You simply become more silent. Your so-called knowledge goes on disappearing - and a moment comes: you know nothing. This state of knowing nothing is enough. You don’t make it a great spiritual achievement; you don’t start bragging about your innocence, that “I know nothing.” Before, you used to know all, that was your bragging. Now your bragging is the same, but you brag that you know nothing at all. Just the object of bragging has changed, but the ego remains the same. There has been no transformation at all.

Little Hymie was caught out telling a lie. “How do you expect to get to heaven?” his mother asked.

Little Hymie thought for a moment, and then said, “Well, I will just run in and out, and in and out, and in and out, and keep slamming the door, till they say, ‘For goodness sake, come in or stay out’ - and then I will go in.”

This is innocence - not aware about itself, but simple purity. Innocence has to be just like a small child who is not aware that not knowing anything is a great achievement.

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