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Chapter 26: Innocence: The Natural Outlaw

What is corruption? Does it come in a seed or is it learned?

Nature is absolutely innocent.

It knows nothing which can be called corruption.

Corruption is something manufactured by man.

The child is born absolutely innocent, there is no seed of corruption in him. The corruption is created by the society for its own purposes. It does not want innocent people around because there is nothing more dangerous, more rebellious, than innocence.

All the societies are afraid of innocent people because they will not support anything that goes against their innocence, that goes against nature. Hence, the first thing every society does is to corrupt the child. The sooner you do it, the better, because as the child matures it becomes more and more difficult to corrupt him.

The child has to be corrupted in the very early stages when he is helpless, vulnerable, when he has no doubt in his mind, when he simply believes in the parents, in the teachers, in the neighbors. He cannot conceive that these people are going to destroy him. And these people are also not aware that they are destroying their own children.

It is a society of blind people, sleepwalkers.

They go on walking without knowing why, where.

They go on stumbling, hurting themselves and others without even recognizing that this whole pilgrimage is absolutely absurd. Life is here and now, it is not a pilgrimage. It is not a goal somewhere far away that you have to reach. But this is part of the corruption, perhaps the most important part.

Every child is being taught that he is not what he should be.

This is the beginning of the tragedy.

Let me repeat: every child is being taught that he is not what he should be. You have started creating a split between “is” and “should”: “is” is condemned and “should” is praised. “Is” is the truth and “should,” your imagined idea.

You have made the child sick, schizophrenic. Now he will never be at ease, he will never know what it is to be relaxed. You have made him tense for his whole life, for the simple reason that he can never be anything other than he is. He cannot go against nature, nobody can. Nature is your life, your existence, there is nothing beyond nature. There is no way to cross the boundaries of nature, so you are going to remain what you are. But that is condemned.

You cannot become what is being told to you to become.

You are a being.

And all the cultures and all the societies are trying to make you into a becoming.

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