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Chapter 8: Krishnamurti’s Solo Flute

The fifth question:

Why do you call people cabbages and assholes? It seems so disrespectful.

Cabbages are also people, and very innocent people. What do you mean, “It seems so disrespectful?” Disrespectful to whom? To cabbages? In fact it is more disrespectful to cabbages to compare them with men. What have they done?

Just look at man’s history, and the history of cabbages. You will not find more innocent people than cabbages, they are all buddhas - so silent, so happy, so meditative. And you are saying, “It seems so disrespectful.” To man?

And what can I do if somebody is an asshole? I am not condemning him, I am simply stating a fact. Do you want me to lie? An asshole is an asshole, plain and simple. And remember, it is perfectly okay to be an asshole.

But why are you worried? Are you a cabbage or.?

The last question:

Don't you talk every day about “Sitnalta?”

Yes, whatsoever I talk about is “Sitnalta,” - except the jokes. But there is a problem with jokes this time in this series. Atisha is against jokes. Hence I am not telling you too many jokes. It is really hard on me - I get so tempted, but then I remember this old Atisha, and I have tremendous respect for him.

Soon you will come to it.. He has a sutra: “Don’t tell wicked jokes.” So, at first I was thinking to drop that sutra, but then I thought that would not be right.

Enough for today.