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Chapter 27: Just Being

She said, “I am not mad. The doors are always open! What kind of nonsense are you continually praying to God? ‘Open the doors, let me in’.who is preventing you? And who has given you the idea that the doors are closed? I say to you, the doors are open! It is just you who is standing in the way. If you really want to enter, you can enter this very moment. The only condition to be fulfilled is that you should be as an innocent child, and right now you can enter into the temple. But as a religious saint, with a great religious ego, a pious ego..”

The pious ego is the most poisonous ego. Somebody is egoistic because he has so much money - but still he knows that death will take it all away. Somebody is bragging because he is the president of a country. He knows that at the next election he will be going down the drain - if he remains alive, because most probably he will be assassinated before that.

In America, twenty percent of the presidents have been assassinated - and this is the most civilized country. Either they are assassinated or somebody throws them into the toilet and flushes it. So even if you are a president or a prime minister, it does not matter; you know deep down that soon you will be thrown off your throne. I have always wondered why the throne is called a throne - perhaps it is the place from where people are thrown. Whoever has given it the name must have been a man of great understanding.

But a man who has a religious ego is the most poisonous because he thinks he is holier-than-thou, higher than everybody else, and he has some spirituality which will go with him beyond death. Everybody else’s ego and identity will be left behind on this side of death; only the saint can claim, “My ego is going to go beyond death itself.” He does not call it ego; he calls it humbleness, simplicity, religiousness. He gives it beautiful names, decorates it as beautifully as possible.

But even if you have the idea of yourself as spiritual, you are not innocent. No child has the idea that he is spiritual. Take the child, the newborn child, as the criterion: he is, and yet he has no idea of any ego. That will give you the insight that you can also just be: if the child can do it, what is the problem for you?

Without any ego, you can also just be.

This just being is what I call meditation.

Not chanting some stupid name or some stupid mantra.that is not meditation. It is good for monkeys but not for man. Monkeys cannot sit without chewing something; if they cannot get anything else, they will get chewing-gum. The people who are continuously repeating a mantra are doing nothing but using the word, the language, as chewing-gum - and cheap, because you will have to pay something for chewing-gum. Chewing-gum lasts long, but still it gets finished, but your mantra is always there - whenever you want to chew you will start chewing.

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