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Chapter 78: The Inner Guide

These techniques are not for advanced people; they are for simple, innocent people. Advanced people are, in a way, difficult. They are not innocent, they have been working, they have attained something, and they have a subtle ego behind it. They know something so they are not innocent, they cannot believe. You will have to argue and convince them - and then too they will have to make some efforts. By an innocent mind, I mean a mind which is not arguing. It is just like a small child. The child goes with his father hand in hand, he is not afraid. Whatsoever the father is leading, he must be leading in the right direction. The father knows - so the child need not worry about it. He is not thinking of the future, what is going to happen is not his concern. He is enjoying the very journey; the end is not the problem at all. For the father it may be a problem. He may be afraid. He may be wondering whether they have lost the path or not, whether they are on the right path or not. But for the child it is not a problem. He knows that the father knows. That’s all. And wherever the father leads, he will follow - and he is happy at this very moment.

A trusting disciple, an innocent mind is just like a child - and the master is more than a father. Once the disciple surrenders, he trusts. Then at any moment, when the master feels that the disciple is tuned, that the disciple is in harmony, he will just give a hint.

I have heard about a Zen master, Bokuju. He struggled hard to attain enlightenment, but nothing happened. Really, with a hard struggle sometimes nothing will happen, because the hard struggle is through the ego. And through hard struggle the ego becomes more hard. He did whatsoever could be done but the goal was no nearer. Rather, on the contrary, it was further away; further away than when he had started the journey. He was puzzled, confused, so he came to his master. The master said, “For a few years just completely stop any effort, any goal, any destination. Just forget, and live moment to moment near me. Don’t do anything. Simply eat, sleep, walk, and just be near me. And don’t raise any question.just see me, my presence. And don’t make any effort because nothing is to be achieved. Forget the achieving mind because the achieving mind is always in the future - that’s why it goes on missing the present. Just forget that you have to achieve anything.”

Bokuju believed in his master. He started living with him. For a few days, a few months, ideas floated in, thoughts came, and sometimes he would become uneasy and would think, “I am wasting time. I am not doing anything. How can it happen without doing anything? If it couldn’t happen through such hard effort, how is it going to be easily attained by not doing anything?” But, still, he believed in the master. By and by the mind slowed down, and in the present of his master he started to feel a subtle calm flowing - a silence would fall from the master onto him. He started feeling a merging. Years passed. He completely forgot that he was. The master became the center and he started to live like a shadow.

Then the miracle is possible - this happening itself is the miracle. One day, suddenly, the master called his name, “Bokuju, are you here?” Just this, “Bokuju, are you here?” And he said, “Yes, master.” And, it is said, he became enlightened.

There was nothing like a technique, not even a suggestion - just, “Bokuju, are you here?” The total presence had been called, “Are you here, not moving anywhere, not gone somewhere else? With total intensity, are you present here?” And Bokuju said, “Yes, master.” In that “yes” he became totally present there.

It is said that the master started laughing and Bokuju started laughing, and the master said, “Now you can go. Now you can move out there and help people by your presence.” Bokuju never taught any method. He would simply ask this much, “Just be near. Remain present.” And whenever a disciple was in tune, he would call the name of the disciple and ask, “Are you here?” This was the whole technique.

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