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Chapter 2: Accept Yourself As You Are

That’s how it happened in Mohammed’s life. He was sitting on a mountain, meditating, fasting; absolutely empty. Suddenly he heard deep somewhere within himself - which was also beyond himself.. From his own soul, but as if from some beyond, came an order: “Write.” But he said, “My God, but I don’t how to write. I am illiterate.” And the voice said, “That’s why you have been chosen. Write!” - because those who are literate are corrupted, those who know are corrupted; those who are innocent, in their ignorance, only they can hear the voice of the beyond.

Please, don’t get caught with my words. Always remember that what I am trying to convey is always in the gaps. Don’t be caught by the banks that the river is flowing between. And that you can hear only when you are silent; that you can hear only when the inner talk has stopped, when your mind is not clouded.

The fifth question:

You appeared to me yesterday to be literally as well as figuratively drunk. Were you?

I have always been - and not figuratively, not symbolically. I am a drunkard, literally, absolutely, actually; because religion is the ultimate drug. Once you have tasted of it, you are gone for ever and ever. It is the ultimate high - you never come down again. With other drugs you reach a high, but again you are thrown back. With religion, once you reach the high you never come back: it is a point of no return.

I am drunk. Look into my eyes; come close to me and smell my breath. But beware, because such people are dangerous - even their breath can make you drunk.

Enough for today.