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Chapter 3: This Knowing Is a Transformation

And because a man brings you to your potentiality, you have a tremendous gratitude towards him, not faith. But unfortunately only Christian missionaries have been doing the work of translating; nobody else is interested in translating. And unconsciously, they bring their own conditioning - which is of faith - into their translations. One can immediately say who is the translator of any passage. Is he a Christian, or a Mohammedan, or a Hindu, or a Jaina? Or is he a man of his own understanding, not belonging to any organized religion? Only a man who knows the truth can give a translation the flavor of truth.

Christians know only faith - “Have faith in Jesus Christ.” But why should one have faith in Jesus Christ? Do you want to be crucified? - because that must be the ultimate attainment! And I don’t think you will resurrect; neither did Jesus resurrect, he just escaped from the cave.

He was fortunate enough that his country, Judea, was under the Roman empire. So the Roman governor Pontius Pilate was not interested at all in crucifying an innocent neurotic. A man who claims, “I am the only son of God” can only be thought of as neurotic. But it is not harmful, let him think it - he is not doing any harm to anybody. Pontius Pilate was of the opinion that Jesus was innocent; he had not committed any crime, and if he enjoys the idea that he is the only begotten son of God, let him enjoy!

If you are jealous, you can have some other idea, “I am the only father of God.” I don’t think anybody can refute you, nobody has any evidence. It is just the same as being the son of God. You can be the father of God, or the brother of God. It is, first of all, your imagination, hallucination - it is innocent.

If you meet somebody who says to you, “Do you know, I am the father of God” do you think he needs to be crucified? A very nice fellow, he just simply utters in your ear a truth in which he believes. You know that he has gone off the tracks, but that does not mean that he needs a crucifixion. He has to be enjoyed, entertained - give him a party where he can declare “I am the father of God.” Applaud him, and dance with him, because it is so rare to find a God and you have found the father of God! Maybe he can give you some clue where God is hiding.

The Jews were too serious. Unnecessarily they harassed Jesus; he had not done any harm to anybody. But every organized religion has an ego, a great ego. Jesus was making Judaism a laughingstock. Riding on his donkey, moving from town to town, declaring “I am the only begotten son of God” - it was not a crime, but it was hurtful to the ego of the Jews. “This man sitting on the donkey.a poor carpenter’s son, and it is well known that he is not born of his own father. To accept him as our last prophet.?”

It was difficult to the ego of the Jews; otherwise it was an innocent affair. There was no need to be angry with the poor fellow. He needed psychiatric treatment, just good nourishment, care, and perhaps he might have come out of his neurosis.

If I meet him anywhere, just a single “Yaa-Hoo” and he will come down from the donkey: “You can take my donkey, I don’t want to argue!” He simply needed a little hypnotic treatment, a reconditioning, a reprogramming, and he would have been perfectly healthy and would have laughed at the idea himself. But half of humanity believes and has faith in Jesus. This shows the retardedness of mankind.

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