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Chapter 4: Original Innocence

That’s why people cling to miseries - they suit their programming. People go on punishing themselves in a thousand and one subtle ways. Why? - because that fits with the program. If you are not as you should be you have to punish yourself, you have to create misery for yourself. That’s why people feel good when they are miserable.

Let me say it: people feel happy when they are miserable, they become very, very uneasy when they are happy. This is my observation of thousands and thousands of people: when they are miserable everything is as it should be, they accept it; it fits with their conditioning, with their mind. They know how horrible they are, they know that they are sinners. You have been told that you are born in sin. What stupidity! What nonsense!

Man is not born in sin, man is born in innocence. There has never been any original sin, there has only been original innocence. Each child is born in innocence. We make him feel guilty - we start saying, “This should not be. You should be like this.” And the child is natural and innocent. We punish him for being natural and innocent and we reward him for being artificial and cunning. We reward him for being phony - all our rewards are for phony people. If somebody is innocent we don’t give any reward; we don’t have any regard for him, we don’t have any respect for him. The innocent is condemned, the innocent is thought to be almost synonymous with the criminal. The innocent is thought to be foolish, the cunning is thought to be intelligent. The phony is accepted: the phony fits with the phony society.

Then your whole life will be nothing but an effort to create more and more punishments for yourself. And whatsoever you do is wrong, so you have to punish yourself for every joy. And even when joy comes, in spite of yourself, mind you; when joy comes in spite of yourself, when sometimes God simply bumps into you and you cannot avoid him, immediately you start punishing yourself. Something has gone wrong - how can this happen to a horrible person like you?

Just the other night, Ashoka was asking me, “You talk, Osho, about love, you talk of offering your love. But what have I got to give to anybody?” He asked, “What have I got to offer to my beloved?”

This is the secret idea of everybody: “I have got nothing.” What have you not got? But nobody has told you that you have all the beauties of all the flowers - because man is the greatest flower on this earth, the highest evolved being. No bird can sing the song that you can sing: the birds’ songs are just noises, although they are still beautiful because they come out of innocence. You can sing far better songs, of greater significance, of much more meaning. But Ashoka says, “What have I got?”

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