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Chapter 19: I Am a Very Practical Man

They were first wavering, whether to go to Sheela or to remain here, and I had made it clear to them that if you want to go to Sheela then you will go to jail, not to Sheela; then we are going to hand you over to the police. Otherwise, you remain here and confess to the police, whatever you know and whatever you have been part in, then the commune can fight for you, because you have been confessing and you have been helping the police and the law, to catch hold of the main criminals. So they have stayed and now they are ready that perhaps tomorrow or day after tomorrow, they will be confessing and giving their testimony.

So whatever I have said, we have found enough evidence. There is no question now of Sheela and her whole gang to be brought to the court. The only problem here is that the Attorney General of Oregon, from the very beginning, has been against the commune, and he has not been able to find anything against it.

Now, he wants to have the criminals to be protected, to have some dealings with Sheela and to give them immunity and catch hold of innocent sannyasins. The people of the police who have been here have been overheard that he plans to arrest one thousand sannyasins so that he can cripple the whole commune completely. And those who have left, they have left; one thousand key-people - doctors, plumbers, electricians, the people who make the food - if all these people are caught, then his desire can be fulfilled. But it is not so easy.

That’s why I have been giving interviews to the world media and making it known to the whole world, that what is in the mind of the Attorney General of Oregon. Even the police, the Federal agencies are simply surprised that he seems to be more criminal than the criminals: his desire is to protect the criminals and destroy the innocent people who have not done anything, who don’t even know what was happening. Only that group of twenty people knew what was happening, what was going on.

So it is not going to be easy and we are going to give them good fight - not only here, but around the world, in every country because I have almost more than one million sannyasins around the world. So I have challenged him that if any harm happens to any innocent sannyasin, then you have, are taking a risk. We are not violent people, we will not hijack your airplanes; we will not be taking over your embassies -we don’t want any violence at all. But we can silently be a world-protest against you.

In America we will protest, and before every American embassy we will protest, and before every government in the world we will protest that “You disconnect your connections with American government. This is not a democracy. This is pure fascism. So if you want to wave your mask of being democrat, then keep off! And let the law take its course.

We don’t want anything in our favor. Anybody who is found guilty should be punished. It does not matter whether he is here in the commune or there with those twenty people, but no innocent person can be in any way harmed, otherwise you will have to make another Hiroshima here!

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