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Chapter 78: The Inner Guide

The first question:

Some of the techniques in the one hundred and twelve methods seem to be end results and not techniques, such as those that say to “Become universal consciousness” or “Be this one” etc. It seems that we need techniques to achieve these techniques. Were techniques like these meant for very advanced persons who could just become cosmic at a mere suggestion?

Such techniques were meant, not for very advanced persons, but for very innocent persons - simple, innocent, trusting. Then just a suggestion is enough. You have to have something to do because you cannot trust. You don’t have faith. Unless you do something, nothing can happen to you because you believe in action. If something happens to you suddenly without any doing on your part, you will be scared and you will not believe it. You may even bypass it; you may not even record in the mind that it happened. Unless you do, you cannot feel something happening to you - this is the way of the ego. But for an innocent person, for an innocent, open mind, just a suggestion is enough. Why? Because really, the innermost being is not something to be achieved in the future - it is here and now, it is already the case. Whatsoever is to be attained is here, present in you right this very moment. If you can trust without any effort, it can become revealed. It is not a question of time, of you having to work it out. It is not somewhere far away that you have to travel to. It is you. You may call it God, you may call it nirvana or whatsoever you like - it is you already. So even a suggestion, if believed totally, can reveal it to you. That’s why so much significance is given to shraddha, trust, faith. If a person can believe in the master, just a hint, a suggestion, an indication - and in a flash everything will be revealed.

The basic point to be understood is this: there are things which you cannot attain right now because time will be needed to produce them. They are not with you. If I give you a seed, it cannot immediately become a tree. Time will be needed, and you will have to wait and work. Then the seed cannot become the tree immediately. But you are really the tree already. It is not a seed which has to be worked, it is a tree hidden in darkness, it is a tree which is covered, it is a tree which you are inattentive too - that’s all. Your inattention is the cover. You are not looking at it, that’s all. You are looking somewhere else and that’s why you are missing it. In a trusting moment the master can tell you, just by a suggestion, that it is here. And if you can believe, if you can look in that dimension in trust, it will be revealed to you.

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