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Chapter 24: Freedom of Expression

The woman who informed about heroin, next day she disappeared. It seems she has been killed, or she has been taken to some place and imprisoned. She was partner with Sheela, and for fifteen days we have been trying every place, because she has told on the phone that she is coming with all the proofs. That one plane is already.is in Latin America, which has been left there. Heroin was sold, but the police became suspicious about the plane, so they could not take the plane out from there. The plane is lying down there still.

She was coming. She never reached, so we started phoning all the possible contacts: her mother, her boyfriend.They are all simply surprised that she simply disappeared. And she was in Geneva, in Switzerland, where Sheela is, and the whole company is. Perhaps she must have thought about her, that she will do something like that.

So you have to enforce these people. Approach these people, harass them, ask them harassing questions. Make them do something. Write articles against the bureaucracy and the slow work, which takes years, and by that time the criminals can be out of your reach.

So don’t bother commune, and inquiring commune. People will not feel good about you. And inquiry has to be harsh. Howsoever sweet you make it, inquiry is bound to be harsh. You have to ask questions which are embarrassing. You have to ask questions which the person does not feel right to answer. Don’t do that kind of work. That will simply create a hostility.

And you represent the commune. So you represent the commune and go against all the agencies that have to catch hold of the criminals.

And if there are any criminals in the commune, we are ready to hand over the criminals to the police. I don’t want any crime to be committed here.

So make it clear to them. And I don’t want to take the law in my own hands. But if they delay too much, that simply means they are forcing us to take the law in our own hands. The responsibility will be theirs.

We can catch hold of all those within minutes; there is no problem. Our sannyasins are all over the world. Wherever they will go, they will be caught immediately. But I don’t want to take the law in our hands. Why we should take? That is their business. They should do it. And we will force it for them to do it.

Their delay has a meaning. The meaning is somehow destroy the commune in some way or other - and this is a good opportunity - and we have to protect the commune.

I am against crime, and this will be a greater crime if we allow them to destroy the commune.

We have put so much love and so much labor, they have no right. So you go against them, and be a real journalist with them. A journalist has to be just a nagging wife.