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Chapter 25: Religions, like Diseases, Are Many: Truth, like Health, Is One

Everything is there, you just have to put the switch on. You have to find the switch, which is not very difficult either - it is your house.

Man has been discovering millions of stars for the whole of his past, thousands of years, even trying to find out about the future - and is not capable of finding a small switch in his own being which can make his whole life a tremendous ecstasy.

Religion is the search for your inner light, for your inner being.

It is as much an inquiry as science, but much more profound, much higher.

Religion is the supreme inquiry.

It is the ultimate adventure that man can go on.

And the finding is the immeasurable treasure of all that is beautiful, blissful, peaceful, eternal, immortal.

That is your kingdom.

I will not call it the kingdom of God. Who is this fellow, God? And what has God to do with it? It is your kingdom.

Jesus makes you feel like a pauper, a beggar. You are blessed - why? - because you will be inheriting the kingdom of God. It is not yours, it is somebody else’s; it depends on his mercy. So go on praying, praising the lord, saying, “Be merciful.” Remain a beggar. Jesus makes you a beggar, and almost all the religions do the same. Hence I call all these religions, pseudo-religions. They are not truly religious.

True religion will make you the emperor.

It is not that you are going to inherit somebody else’s kingdom - because anything inherited can be taken away. And there will be competition: Who gets ahead, who gets more, who gets a higher position?

The last night when Jesus was departing from his disciples, he was asked exactly the same question: “Lord, you are now leaving. One thing has remained unsettled” - and you must know they were all Jews; business, after all, is business. “We have followed you so far” - and they were following just for the inheritance of the kingdom of God.

Now the question is, they were twelve. Of course they make the concession that Jesus is the son of God so he will be standing on his right side, he will be the second in the kingdom of God.”but who is going to be the third? You should decide among your twelve disciples what positions we are going to have there.”

Now, if you talk in terms of kingdoms that will become your inheritance, then all these questions are simple: “Who will inherit the most?” And there is going to be constant fear that if you do something wrong you may lose it, so go on praising the lord.

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