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Chapter 8: From the Mortal to the Immortal

When you do your gibberish, bring your parrots. They can do the gibberish with you.

Tozan said:

Subtly included within the true, inquiry and response come up together.

If your inquiry is honest, with your total being, you will want to know that the response will come immediately. There will not be a gap of time between your inquiry and the response from existence. Existence is very responsive. If no answer comes, that simply means your inquiry is not total. Existence responds only to totality. Be a hundred percent in your inquiry, and existence will not fail you. It has always responded.

Communing with the source and communing with the process it includes integration and includes the road.

Communing with the source - once you have come in communication with the source, existence has started responding to you. Then the whole process, the integration of your being and the road that you follow, is seen clearly as one. The road is none other than the goal, and your integration is none other than your totality. The whole process of being a buddha is nothing but a response from existence to an honest inquiry. It includes all.

Merging is auspicious. Do not violate it.

Perhaps the only thing that can be called auspicious is merging with the whole, taking away all your barriers, hindrances and defenses, just jumping into the ocean and disappearing into the ocean without leaving a trace. What is the point of being a dewdrop when you can be the very ocean?

Merging is auspicious. Do not violate it. Naturally real, yet inconceivable, it is not within the province of delusion or enlightenment.

Because of our mind we always divide everything into opposite polarities. Delusion and enlightenment, night and day, birth and death, they are all one process but the mind cannot conceive it. It is intrinsically incapable of conceiving of the oneness of life and death, of light and darkness. And even if somehow it can be proved logically that they are one, the greatest problem arises about delusion and enlightenment. Are they one?

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