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Chapter 11: Only God Is

In the beginning you will feel a little sad, stupid, puzzled, confused. But soon you will feel a great freedom. If you are the cause of your misery, then you can be the cause of your blessing, of your bliss; then great freedom is attained. When one takes responsibility on oneself, one becomes free. You become free from past karma, you become free from fate, kismet, you become free from history, you become free from psychology. You become free from all excuses. And once you have pinpointed the real cause, things start changing.

.That these unfortunates seek afar the goodness whose source within they bear.

We are searching for bliss, we are searching for happiness, but very far away, in faraway lands, in utopias, in fantasy, we are dreaming. And life remains a suffering, and we go on dreaming about better lands, better states of the society, better states after life - paradise, moksha. These are all fantasies! They are created by us so we can bear our suffering, so hope remains. But this is very unfortunate. It is because of this hope that you remain in a hopeless state. It is because of this seeking that you go on missing. Lao Tzu says: “Seek and you will miss.” Why? - “Seek and you will miss.” Because it is inside you. It can be found only when all seeking ceases.

Seeking means you are running after something, some shadow, some illusion, some dream, some desire. And when you are occupied with some dream you cannot look within. You cannot look into the seeker when you are running after the sought, you cannot turn in. Your eyes are focused on the horizon. You remain an extrovert - you cannot look within because you have become obsessed with the without.

The without becomes your whole life from birth to death - not even a single empty moment when you can rest and relax to feel who this seeker in you is.

A Zen master was talking to his disciples and somebody, a stranger who was not aware of the master’s way, had also come to listen. And the master said, “You need not go anywhere, you need not seek, you need not even inquire.”

The stranger who was in the audience could not understand, because he had always understood religion as a seeking, as a search, as an inquiry, a search for truth, seeking God, an inquiry into reality. “And what is this man saying? - no inquiry, no search, no seeking?” He stood up and he said, “What are you talking about? What are you teaching to these people? Without seeking, how am I ever going to find myself?

The master stepped down from the podium, went into the audience, took hold of the stranger by his collar, and shook him hard. The stranger was even more puzzled. “What kind of man is this?” For a moment his thinking stopped because he was not expecting such an act on the master’s side - he was looking like a ferocious lion, dangerous. His thinking stopped for a moment. In such moments it happens.

And the master said, “This is it! Without seeking, without inquiry - you are it! “

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