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Chapter 12: Love Is Freedom

But Buddha is as full of love even when he is in solitude sitting under a tree with nobody around him, as when thousands of people are visiting him. It makes absolutely no difference to his love. His love is not a relationship, it is his state of being. Buddha is not attached to any person, love is his very nature. His love will shower even in a deserted place, like when a flower blooms on an untrodden path and spreads its fragrance. The flower does not wait for someone to pass by, it just spreads its fragrance. It is like a lamp alight in the darkness: nobody is there to see it but still it goes on giving light because it has no relationship with the other; spreading light is its very nature.

The sun was shining the same way when we did not exist on the earth. It will shine the same way when we are not here. There is no relationship between the shining of the sun and our looking at it. To shine is the very nature of the sun.

A man like Buddha is always full of love - in fact, only a buddha is full of love - because this love cannot be taken away; even alone, he is full of love. This love is not a bridge, not a relationship, this love is a state of being, a state of consciousness.

When the divine is called knowing, when the universal self is called knowing, it means knowing is its very nature, not a relationship.

So the sage says:

The eternal consciousness,
which is beyond creation and destruction,
is called knowing.

A relationship is born and it dies, but the intrinsic nature is neither born nor does it die. Today I have love for you, yesterday it was not there - but today it is. This love has a birth, but insanity begins when we want to make something that has a birth, eternal. That is insanity! Death is inevitable for anything which has a birth. The day it was born, it should have been realized that one day it would die. Preparations for the funeral procession are hidden in the trumpets of joy on the very day of birth. It is only a matter of time. A flower is blooming, and it is also the beginning of its withering away. Life is bound to death; if life is one end then death is the other. So a love which is born is bound to die; what is created will be destroyed as well.

Knowledge which is born.and it is born: you opened your eyes, there was a flower before your eyes; knowledge happened to you that there is a flower, that it is beautiful, that it is fragrant. This is a birth of knowledge. This knowledge will die. This flower will die and this knowledge about it will also die.

But the brahman is a knowing which is never born and never dies. That means it is not related to some object, it is its very intrinsic nature - it is eternal.

Zen masters ask their disciples to search for their original face: When you were not born, then what was your face? When you have passed away what will your face be? They make their disciples meditate over it. It is very difficult. What will you think? What will you meditate upon? They give you this meditation so that thinking takes you to no-thinking, because you cannot go on thinking the unthinkable. A moment will come when all your thinking has to stop.

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