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Chapter 2: Diamonds Regained

A society is made out of rules, regulations, taboos, inhibitions. Even in a primitive society they are there. they are crude, gross, as primitive as the society is primitive. but they are there. No society can exist without rules. Society means rules. No society can exist without taboos. Society means taboos. No society can exist without repressions. Society means repressions. Society means that the individual has to fit with the mass. In that very fitting, the individual loses his innocence. He becomes corrupted.

So the second thing to remember is that even a primitive society is a society, so there is some possibility of being enlightened. But the more the society becomes complex, the more there is a possibility of becoming enlightened. The more there is a possibility of becoming insane, the more there is a possibility of becoming enlightened.

Now it will depend on you how you use the situation. A civilized society creates a great possibility. You can get obsessed, you can get stuck, you can become frozen - that is your choice. Otherwise, the more complex the society is, the closer you are to becoming enlightened. You can use that opportunity.

Buddha was born in a very complex Hindu society. That was the peak of Indian civilization, the golden age. The society was very complex, very sophisticated. Buddha was born into it. And all the twenty-four tirthankaras of the Jainas, Buddha, and all the avataras of the Hindus - Krishna, Ram and others - they all came from the very sophisticated layer of the society. They were all aristocrats. They didn’t come from the low strata. They were all kings or sons of kings. Why? Because at that peak the insanity drives you really the whole distance away from God. And then the turning becomes possible.

I am not saying that the turning is going to happen inevitably - I am not saying that. It will depend on you. If you become aware of the insanity that you are living in, you will start turning. If you don’t become aware of the insanity and you remain asleep in it, you may continue to remain insane.

It is not an accident that the East is no longer much interested in religion. The East is so poor now and society has fallen so low; it is no longer sophisticated, it is no longer aristocratic. Its problems are very physical, down-to-earth. It cannot think of spiritual problems.

It is no accident that the West is becoming more and more interested in religion. The Americans particularly are becoming very deeply involved with religion - because now America is at the peak of civilization, of sophistication, of luxury, of affluence. Exactly the same thing happened two thousand and five hundred years ago in India, when India was the golden bird - just as America is today. America is modern India.

The sun is going to rise in the West. The East is deserted. The East is a potential field for communism, not for religion. Eastern countries are by and by turning communist. Communism can only be the religion of the East - it is the lowest kind of religion.

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