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Chapter 3: No Other Path but Life

Consciousness is not your body, nor your mind, nor your heart. So when a person dies, he dies for you, not for himself. For himself he simply changes the house, perhaps moves into a better apartment. But because the old apartment is left, and you are searching for him in the old apartment and you don’t find him there, you think the poor guy is dead. All that you should say is, “The poor guy escaped. Now, we don’t know where he has gone.”

In fact, medical science is going beyond its limits when it says that some person is dead. Medical science has no right yet, because it has no definition yet of what constitutes death. It can simply say, “This man is no longer breathing. His heart has stopped. His pulse is no longer functioning.” To conclude that he is dead is going beyond what you are seeing. But because science does not have any idea of consciousness, the death of the body becomes the death of the being.

Those who have known the being say it is not necessary that you should die and then you know; you can just go inside. That’s what I call meditation. Just go inside and find out what is your center, and at your center there is no breathing, there is no heartbeat, there is no thought, no mind, no heart, no body, and still you are.

Once a person has experienced himself - that he is not the body, not the mind, not the heart, but pure awareness - he knows there is no death for him, because he does not depend on the body. Awareness has no dependence on blood circulation. It does not depend on whether the heart beats or not, it does not depend on whether the mind functions or not. It is a totally different world; it is not constituted of any material thing, it is immaterial.

So the first thing to understand is that there is no death - it has never been found. And if there is no death, what insecurity can there be? For an immortal life there can be no insecurity. Your immortality is not dependent on your bank balance; the beggar is as immortal as the emperor.

As far as people’s consciousnesses are concerned, that is the only world where true communism exists: they all have equal qualities, and they don’t have anything that can be lost or taken away. They don’t have anything that can be destroyed, burned.

There is no insecurity. All insecurity is a shadow of death.

If you look deeply, then every insecure feeling is rooted in the fear of death. But I am saying to you that there is no death; hence there cannot be any insecurity. You are immortal beings, amritasya putrah.

That’s what the seers in the ancient East have said: You are the sons of immortality. And they were not misers like Jesus Christ: that “I am the only begotten son of God.” A strange idea, even to say it one should feel ashamed. “I am the only begotten son of God.” What about others? Are they all bastards? Jesus is condemning the whole world. He is the son of God, and whose sons and daughters are all these people? And it is strange, why should God stop by giving birth to only one child? Is he spent with just one child? Or was he a believer of birth control?

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