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Chapter 7: Love Is Not Surrender

Last month I was faced with a recognition that where there is light there is also a shadow side of darkness. Yet until the last few days I still clung to the illusion of some separation between them, in particular that here on the ranch with you there was light, and outside there was darkness.
Now I’m experiencing the inseparability of light and darkness, both within myself and within the commune. Are light and darkness also inseparable within you? Is this a reality we have to face to let our love grow deeper?

The existence consists not of contradictions, but of complementaries. Light and darkness are neither separable nor inseparable; they are one.

Darkness simply means less light.

Light means less darkness.

The difference is only of degrees.

There are animals, birds, who see only in darkness. Your day is their night. Their night is your day. And what you see is a very small fraction of the immense phenomenon of light-darkness. I am using it as a single word, not even with a hyphen between the two.

You don’t see X-rays. Your vision has a limited capacity. Below it there is infinity, above it there is infinity. So you have to drop the Aristotelian logic from your mind.

Aristotle has dominated the human mind, particularly the Western mind, for almost two thousand years. But now it is possible to get rid of the old man.

Aristotle’s basic strategy was to divide things into contradictions: right and wrong, good and bad, life and death, man and woman. Within these past fifty years, all have proved to be only complementaries, not contradictions at all. Nobody has proved so wrong as Aristotle. I myself call him not Aristotle, but Aristotilitis, a very dangerous disease, undetected for two thousand years. It has crippled your thinking, your comprehension of the wholeness of life.

And he himself did not have a scientific mind in any sense. He says in his books that women have less teeth than men. Obviously man is superior, and the woman is inferior in every way; how can she have the same number of teeth?

But very strange.. Aristotle had two wives; he could have counted their teeth before he wrote his book - this is simple, very simple scientific methodology - and he would have found the truth, that man or woman, it does not matter, they all have the same number of teeth.

And you will be surprised: before Aristotle it was believed; Aristotle believed in it, and after Aristotle for almost fifteen hundred years it was believed. Doctors believed it. No dentist had the courage to say, “This is all rubbish,” because to speak against Aristotle was not possible. He was the father of Western logic. You’ve got a very funny father for Western logic!

Your mind is still dominated by Aristotle. For you, it seems, Albert Einstein has not happened yet. The greatest contribution of Albert Einstein is that in existence everything is relative, and the differences are only of degrees. There are no absolute contradictions.

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