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Chapter 32: The Face behind the Mask

The wife is feeling perfectly well.I have seen it with my own eyes, because I used to travel around the country and I would stay with hundreds of families. The wife was perfectly okay, talking to me and laughing, and as she heard the horn of the car, she suddenly went inside the room and went to bed. I could not see the point - what had happened? As the husband came in, he asked me, “You are sitting alone?”

I said, “Certainly, right now I am sitting alone, your wife is in the bedroom.”

And as he reached inside, I heard the wife say, “I am having such a headache.” I could not think how this headache had come so suddenly, out of nowhere; as the horn.it seems a horn is the cause of headaches.

But every husband causes a headache in his wife, because this is one of the strategies of being powerful over her husband. Now, even if the husband was going to be angry for something, he cannot. If he was going to shout, he cannot. On the contrary, he has to run back to the market to bring some ice cream or something else, because headaches need these things.

You say, “I can allow you to tear me apart.” Whether you allow me or not, I have started it already, the day I initiated you in sannyas.

I don’t give any notice beforehand. I let you become aware only when you are almost gone; when the elephant has passed and only the tail has remained. When you see the tail is also moving out, then you become aware.”My God, now it is better to say I allow you.”

What is the point? - now there is no need. Once you are my sannyasin I have every right. What else can sannyas mean? I don’t have to ask your permission. The day you became a sannyasin you gave me a blank check.