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Chapter 4: Knowing the Mind

You are acting like ostriches. Seeing the enemy, an ostrich hides its head in the sand because it thinks it is dangerous to look at the enemy. Because the enemy is not visible the ostrich’s logic says, “If it is not visible, it is not there. I am safe.” But this logic is wrong. Ostriches can be forgiven, but man cannot be. Simply by not being seen, a thing does not cease to exist. If a thing is visible something can be done about it, but if it is invisible there is no possibility of doing anything.

You want to forget the state which is inside, you don’t want to see it. It may be possible to convince your mind that something which is not visible is not there, but that does not mean that it has gone away. There is no relation between not being visible and being non-existent. If something were visible then perhaps you might have been able to change it, but as it is not visible, change is not possible. It will go on growing inside like a wound, like an ulcer which you have hidden and do not want to look at.

The mind has become a wound. If some day a machine is invented with which we can look at what is happening inside each person, everybody will probably commit suicide immediately. Nobody will allow anybody else to see what is going on inside him. Some day or other it will become possible. Right now we can be grateful that there are no windows in our heads through which we can look into each others’ minds and see what is going on there.

What people are hiding inside and what they say on the outside are very different. What you see outside on their faces is completely different from what is going on inside them. It is possible that outside they are talking about love, but inside they are full of hate. They may be saying to somebody, “Good morning. I am pleased to see you. I am happy that I met you this morning” - but inside they are saying, “Why do I have to see the face of this stupid person first thing in the morning?”

If there were windows to look into people’s heads we would be in a great difficulty, life would become really difficult to live. We might be talking to someone in a friendly manner but thinking inside, “When is this man going to die?” There is one thing on the surface and something else underneath - and we don’t dare to look inward, to look inside and see.

A mother and her daughter lived together and both of them walked in their sleep. One night at about three o’clock the mother got up and went into the garden behind the house. After awhile her daughter also got up in her sleep and walked into the garden. As soon as the old woman saw her daughter she shouted, “Bitch! You have taken away my youth. From the time you were born, I started growing old. You are my enemy. If you had not been born I would still be young.”

And when the girl saw her mother she shouted, “You wicked woman. Because of you my life has become difficult, a bondage. You have always been a rock in the flow of my life. You are a heavy chain around my neck.”

At that moment the cock crowed and they both woke up. Seeing the girl the old women said, “Dear. Why did you get up so early? You might catch cold. Come, let’s go inside.”

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