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Chapter 8: Forget Trying to Get It!

Only a few people have transcended the physical, the sexual, the psychological, and have entered into a different dimension that I call enlightenment. And unless the enlightened are listened to, understood, there is no hope for the world.

It is not that millions of enlightened people are needed; just two hundred enlightened people on the earth, and the whole earth will be dazzling with their light, with their being. And those two hundred will create chain reactions: they will provoke you for the great pilgrimage, they will remind you who you are. Just looking into their eyes, suddenly inside you will click - it is only a click - and the whole dimension changes.

Paddy and his friend Sean were sitting in a bar moaning to each other, talking about how ugly their wives are - a common topic among husbands.

“My wife is so ugly,” said Sean, “if I want to make love to her I have to put a bag over her head.”

“That’s nothing,” said Paddy. “My wife was so ugly when she was born that the doctor slapped her mother.”

But these statements have become ugly in the sense that they have forgotten that instead of woman they should use the word sex, because that’s what it means in the deepest core of the mind of the male.

As far as women are concerned, they are not interested in man’s physical body; they are not interested in his ideological, philosophical, mental gymnastics. Their approach is far more direct: they simply see your spirituality. The thing a woman is attracted to is the charisma, the aura of spirituality around a man; hence they never talk about the ugliness or beauty of men. That is not their concern. That is a great difference between the approaches of men and women.

Women go directly deep inside men. That’s why it is one of the most difficult things to keep a secret from the woman: where will you keep it? - she goes directly inside you. And she is capable of going directly inside you because man has lived very superficially. Many men are not aware that they have hearts. Yes, they know they have lungs, but the lung is not the heart; neither is the brain the mind, nor is the mind your being. These are superficial layers.

No woman in the whole world has created any ideology, any great metaphysics, any great philosophy. Her concern is not the outside; her concern is the inside. That’s why I have immense respect for women. Perhaps no man in the whole world ever had as much respect for women as I have.

Women have been loved, but not respected. And without respect the love is nothing but lust; you label it with a beautiful word, but deep down inside you it is always sex, always sex. Man has reduced woman and her spirituality to such a state that she has become only an object of sex.

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