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Chapter 10: Something to Be Remembered

Karl Marx and Engels have some insight about it. They said that the ownership of women arose simultaneously as ownership of things arose. The husband-wife relationship came as a by-product of private property. Hence Marx and Engels were in favor of making women socialized. That is going from one stupidity to another; but the basic idea is the same, that the woman is a property. Either she belongs to a particular man for his whole life, then she is a wife; or she is possessed by a man for one single night, then she is a prostitute.

What is the difference between a prostitute and a wife? One is a temporary arrangement, the other is a little more permanent. Marriage is a permanent kind of prostitution; deep down, it is not different. Hence marriage and prostitution have both existed together.

If you go into it, it is marriage that has created prostitution. And prostitution will never disappear from the world unless marriage disappears; it is the shadow of marriage. In fact prostitutes have been saving marriage. It is a safety measure so the man can go once in a while, just for a change, to any other woman, a prostitute, and save his marriage and its permanency.

That’s what has been done down the ages. The prostitute was there to save you and your marriage. So whenever your marriage is on the rocks you can always go to the prostitute. Whenever you are bored with your woman, tired of her, just to be refreshed you can go to the prostitute, and things will start flowing again with your own woman. The prostitute was a kind of holiday.

People think prostitution is against marriage; they are utterly wrong. Prostitution is the other side of the same coin: on one side it is marriage, on the other side it is prostitution. That’s why marriage has existed for at least five thousand years but people have not been able to get rid of prostitution - they cannot. There is a logical relationship, they are interdependent. If prostitution is simply stopped, marriages will start falling apart. The prostitute is like glue, she helps you to remain unbored with your woman. But both are based on the idea of property.

In China, for centuries, it was the rule that if a man killed his woman he wasn’t thought to be a murderer. He couldn’t be punished by the court because the woman was his property. It is your right to destroy your chair, or if you want to demolish your house it is nobody else’s business to interfere.

For centuries the woman has been thought of as property. In India, even the words are there - the woman is known as nari sampatti, the female property. When a girl is married, the father is said to give the girl as a gift, kanyadan. The woman has been treated as a thing. I am against it.

Who told Morarji Desai that I want women to be socialized? That must have been his inference, I have never said it. There is no need to socialize because that again will be treating women in an inhuman way.

That was the idea of Engels and Marx - because they were reactionaries; they were reacting against private property. So just as factories had to be nationalized, socialized and state owned, exactly the same way, everything private should be owned by the society. They had this proposal that the woman should be owned by the society. Everything that was owned by people has to be owned by the state or by the society.

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