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Chapter 10: I Answer Your Questions Just to Kill Them

And he was very angry at the rabbit. He said, “You rascal, never again ask any centipede your philosophical question, because now I am in trouble. And the question has got into my head; now I cannot walk without thinking about how it is happening - which one? And one hundred legs. My life is finished, but be kind enough not to ask such questions to anybody else. I will try to forget this question. I don’t know.if I can forget it I can live; if I cannot forget it, I am finished.”

Now you are trying to be in my presence, relaxing, merging, watching. You will get into trouble. Forget all nonsense; forget all philosophical questions. Here, just be. Simply be, and out of that being grows an understanding that will give you the insight into where to merge, where to watch, where to relax. Here, you are to just get a taste of being - of being fully alive, silent, joyous - and everything else will come out of that.