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Chapter 15: The House Where Nobody Lives

On the one hand, Agnivesh could not collect people, but Nath Dwara temple collected five thousand people to fight if Agnivesh had reached the temple. Fortunately he could not; otherwise those harijans would have been massacred. It has been done in this country for centuries: living harijans have been burned, their villages completely burned. Nobody is allowed to escape, and their women have been raped. They have become accustomed to this kind of humiliation.

So it is not a question of politicians, it is a question of people of intelligence raising the harijans to their dignity, and of reminding them: “You are human beings and you need not beg for it from anyone. It is your basic right to be individuals. And it is perfectly right to completely deny the Hindu fold, because it has repressed you for ten thousand years and it is ready, even today, to do the same.”

It is good that the harijans did not follow Agnivesh, who is just a tiny politician. He is not interested in harijans; otherwise he would see that the whole thing is about cleaning the unconscious of the harijans. That cannot be done by entering the temple. It needs a tremendous movement for meditation, so that harijans can throw out all the conditioning that has been imposed on them. Only out of meditation can they regain their dignity, their humanity. This way it is so insulting.

Now the whole country will laugh and Agnivesh is responsible: “Look what happened: the harijans escaped from the procession, they never reached Nath Dwara.” Agnivesh is responsible for this ugly situation. Again the Hindu mind of casteism has been victorious. It will remain victorious, unless harijans themselves deny the Hindu temples, deny the Hindu rituals, and ask for a separate vote for themselves, saying they will not vote for Hindus. Then, and only then, is there a possibility for this slavery - perhaps the longest slavery in the world - to end.

This temple is open for all. Harijans should come here to meditate and to understand the whole process of why they have accepted this degradation.

Even to say that you want to enter the temple is to accept that those temples are holy places. Those “holy places” have been the cause of all oppression, suppression, suffering, burning living human beings. Those temples are no longer holy. And when somebody wants the harijans to enter, they should make it clear to him: “Don’t play politics. We don’t belong to the Hindu fold and we need not belong to any other fold. We will exist as harijans, people of God. We will make our own gods, as you have made your own; we will make our own prayers, as you have made your own. We will not accept your scriptures or your traditions. We will begin a new brotherhood.” Only this, a meditative revolution, can free them into liberation.

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