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Chapter 14: Just by Celebrating

The very few people who become masters are those who have earned in their many lives a certain articulateness, a certain insight into words, language, the sound of words, the symmetry and the poetry of language. It is a totally different thing. It is not a question of linguistics or grammar, it is more a question of finding in ordinary language some extraordinary music, creating the quality of great poetry in ordinary prose. They know how to play with words so that you can be helped to go beyond words.

It is not that they have chosen to be masters, and it is not that existence has chosen them to be masters. It is just a coincidence that before enlightenment they had been great teachers and they became masters because of enlightenment. Now they can change their teaching into mastery - and certainly that is the most difficult part.

Those who remain silent and disappear peacefully with nobody knowing them - they have an easy way. But a man like me cannot have an easy way. It was not easy when I was a teacher - how can it be easy when I am a master? It is going to be difficult.

And the greater your insight is, the greater the danger, because the more afraid the enemy is.and by enemy I mean all the vested interests. They will do everything to prevent me, to cripple me, to destroy me. But that does not matter because as far as I am concerned there is no death.

They cannot harm me. They may think they are harming me - that is their illusion. By creating all the troubles they are emphasizing every word that I am saying. Their paranoia is enough proof: they have the majority, but they don’t have the truth. I don’t have the majority, but I have the truth. And the truth is far weightier than any majority.

They can kill me, but they cannot kill the truth.

In fact by killing me they will make my truth more significant. More and more people will feel in sympathy with it. More and more people will start looking: there must have been something, otherwise why do so many powers around the world who differ with each other - communist Russia, capitalist America, some socialist government, different religions who are in disagreement on everything -all agree that I am dangerous?

It seems that whatever I am saying is cutting their very roots. So I am not worried about it. I would have been worried if they had been able to ignore me. They have not been able to ignore me, and because they cannot ignore me, they have accepted deep down the truth of what I am saying. And they will slowly follow it; it doesn’t matter whether they mention my name or not.

You can already see it happening. Whatever precautions we were taking against AIDS in the commune in America, nobody had enough sophistication, enough culture, to appreciate it because we were the pioneers. Nowhere in the world were those precautions being taken.

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