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Chapter 20: Words Cannot Contain It

I see all this. That’s also why I don’t want to leave this country. I want to create a small oasis of my commune, which will be absolutely technological and still ecological. It has to be a model so that we can say to the whole country that if this can happen with five thousand sannyasins in a small place, why can’t it happen on a higher scale, a greater scale, to the whole country?

My commune can become an example. It will be simple and rich. It will be technological and not against ecology. It will be absolutely scientific and yet human. It will be a totally different kind of communism. It will be a commune not for something from the outside or from the top, but because people love each other - they have created a family, they want to live together. We will be doing farming, collective farming, with all the technology possible. We will make the commune absolutely independent, with no need to go outside. And my effort is that we will not be bringing anything inside, we will produce everything. It can become a great oasis in this desert country. It can be of much help, it can create great inspiration.

So I am not going to leave it. The country will need me, and you too.

Enough for today.