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Chapter 5: Man Is a Myth

Just the other day I was reading about Carl Jung, one of the greatest psychologists of this age.but sometimes one wonders whether to call these people psychologists or not. He was a very restless man, absolutely restless. He could not sit silently for a single moment; he would turn and toss, he would do something or other. If there was nothing to do, he would smoke his pipe, and he was a chain-smoker. Then he had a heart attack and the doctors said to stop smoking, an absolute stop. Now it was very difficult. He started feeling his restlessness too much, he started feeling crazy. He would walk up and down in the room, he would go outside, for no reason; he would sit in this chair and the other. And then he recognized the fact that the pipe had been very, very helpful. It was a release, a sort of release of his restlessness. So he asked the doctors, “Can I put the empty pipe in my mouth? Is it allowed?” - an empty pipe! “That will help me.”

He was allowed, and then for years he used to put the empty pipe in his mouth, just pretending that he was smoking. And then he would look at the pipe, would keep the pipe in the hand, would play with the pipe. And this is about a great psychologist of this age! What unconsciousness! So much in the grip of the habit, so much in the grip of the unconscious! - it looks very childish. And then we go on finding rationalizations; then we go on pretending to ourselves, then we go on protecting and defending ourselves as to why we are doing this.

At the age of forty-five Carl Jung fell in love with a woman. He was a married man with a very loving wife. Nothing was wrong, but it must have been the restlessness. It almost always happens that nearabout the age of forty-five one starts feeling that the whole life is gone. Death is coming closer, and because of death coming closer, either you become spiritual or you become more sexual.

These are the only two defenses: either you turn in search of truth, of the eternal which will have no death, or you start drowning yourself in more erotic fantasies. And particularly intellectuals - those who have lived their whole lives through the head - are more victims at the age of forty-five. Then the sexuality takes revenge. It has been denied; now death is coming closer and then one never knows whether you will be here again or not, whether life will be there or not. Death is coming here and you have lived a life of the head. Sexuality erupts with a vengeance.

Carl Gustav Jung fell in love with a young woman. Now it was very much against his prestige. The wife was disturbed, and the wife had loved him tremendously and trusted him. He rationalized it beautifully. Look at his rationalization - that’s how unconscious man goes on living. He will do something unconsciously, then will try to rationalize it and will try to prove that it is not unconscious: “I am doing it very consciously - in fact, it has to be done.”

What did he do? He suddenly developed a theory that there are two types of women in the world: one, the mother type, the caring type, the wife type; and the other, the mistress type, the beloved, who becomes an inspiration. And man needs both - and a man like Carl Gustav Jung certainly needs both. He needs inspiration too. He needs a caring woman; that his wife is fulfilling - she is loving, a mother type. But that doesn’t fulfill his need - he needs inspiration too, he needs a romantic woman too, a mistress who can take him into deep dreams; that is a must for him. Jung developed this theory.this is a rationalization.

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