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Chapter 10: Me, Enlightened?

Pradeepa has asked a question: “Osho, whenever you quote Lao Tzu as saying, ‘Everybody is clear, only I am muddleheaded,’ I love it, because I am also muddleheaded. But there must be some difference between my muddleheadedness and Lao Tzu’s.”

There is none, Pradeepa. But you cannot believe it. Lao Tzu is exactly as muddleheaded as Pradeepa. Lao Tzu will agree with me, Pradeepa will not agree. There is the problem: how can Pradeepa agree that her muddleheadedness.? Lao Tzu must be meaning something very mysterious, something of a totally different dimension.

No. Lao Tzu is simply saying there is no need to be a great genius to know. Godliness is available to all, unconditionally to all, categorically to all. You do not have to fulfill certain conditions, you do not have to rise to a certain level. Godliness is available to you as you are, because “God” has become you. There is nobody else inside you. Just a look..

So it is beautiful in a commune, because when you live in a commune you live with people not knowing whether this man is going to become a buddha; then one day suddenly the lotus opens: that man has become a buddha. It gives you great courage. You know this man, he is just like you. You have been drinking tea with him, gossiping with him, reading the same newspaper, listening to the same radio, looking at the same TV, you have been to the same movie. You know him, inside and out; he was just like you. If he can become a buddha, then why not you? In fact, his becoming a buddha becomes the greatest uplifting force in your life.

That is the beauty of a commune, because many people with whom you were working will one day become buddhas. Somebody was working under you.for example, one day Deeksha finds that the man who has been washing the pots has become a buddha. Then Deeksha can believe that, “Although I am an Italian, and nobody has ever heard of any Italian becoming a buddha, still I can become one.”

Have you ever heard about any Italian.? At least I have not heard of it. But it is going to happen here, because this commune is ninety percent Italian: you eat Italian food, you drink Italian water - everybody is turning ninety percent Italian. My effort in creating a commune is simply to make you alert and aware that one day the cobbler of the ashram becomes enlightened, another day the guard becomes enlightened, and people go on blossoming. Each blossoming brings new courage, new inspiration, and in that courage and inspiration your spring comes closer to you. A great self-respect arises, and a trust: “Existence has not forsaken us. If people like me are becoming buddhas, then I am also on the way. Sooner or later..” And it is going to be sooner than later - because if so many people start flowering, then the season has come and it is time not to resist. It is time not to fight anymore, but to be in a let-go.

The second question:

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