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Chapter 5: You Have to Go Nowhere

You have to go nowhere. You contain in the seed form everything that you want to be. Realizing this and seeing the other side.the people who live with the crowd - what is their gain? They lose everything. In fact they don’t live at all; they only die. From their birth they start dying, and go on dying till the last breath. Their whole life is a long series of deaths. Just look at the whole crowd of people. You can be with them, but the same is going to be your fate.

It is so simple if you see it: the only way to live life is to live on your own. It is an individual phenomenon, it is an independence, it is freedom. It is a constant unburdening of all that is dead, so that life can go on growing and is not crushed under the weight of the dead.

You are my inspiration. I have heard you say you never had a master; but was there any source of inspiration for you when you began your journey?

Life itself is enough.

Seeing people all around - walking corpses - is inspiration enough not to move with them, not to go their way, but to find a small footpath of your own if you want to be alive.

I have never had a master, and I am fortunate that I never had a master. I have been, in my past lives, with a few living masters. They were beautiful people, lovable, but one thing has been clear all along to me - that nobody can be a source of inspiration for me, because that word inspiration is dangerous.

First it is inspiration, then it becomes following, then it becomes imitation - and you end up being a carbon copy. There is no need to be inspired by anybody. Not only is there no need, it is dangerous too because, just watching, I have seen each individual as unique. He cannot follow anybody else.

He can try. Millions have been trying for thousands of years. Millions are Christians, millions are Hindus, millions are Buddhists. What are they doing? Inspiration from Gautam Buddha has made millions of people Buddhists, and now they are trying to follow in his footsteps and they are not reaching anywhere, they cannot.

You are not a Gautam Buddha, and his footprints won’t fit you, neither will his shoes fit you; you will have to find the exact size of shoes that fit you. He is beautiful, but that does not mean that you have to become like him. That’s the meaning of the word inspiration. It means you are so much influenced that the man becomes your ideal, that you would like to be like him. That has misled the whole humanity.

Inspiration has been a curse, not a blessing.

I would like you to learn from every source, to enjoy every unique being that you come across. But never follow anybody and never try to become exactly like somebody else; that is not allowed by existence. You can be only yourself.

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