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Chapter 5: It Is Your Being

The first question:

You have said that intellectual learning and knowledge have helped no one and that the Upanishad says that nothing is to be denied. If the intellect is there and we are not to deny it, what is the best way in which to use it?

The first thing to be understood about the intellect is this: that the intellect exists on denial. The very function of the intellect is to deny, to say no. The emphasis of the Upanishad on not to deny is basically to relieve you of your intellectual effort.

Intellect always says no. So the more one becomes intellectual, the more and more one becomes incapable of saying yes. Yes-saying means faith, no means doubt, and intellect depends on doubt. If you doubt, intellect has a function. If you do not doubt, there is no function left for the intellect.

Intellect is denial. So when the Upanishad says, “Do not deny anything,” it means that the intellect will have no function at all. Think of your own mind: whenever you say no, it starts working; whenever you say yes, yes becomes the end and there is no further journey.

This age is one of the most intellectual ones, and this intellectual milieu is created by thoroughgoing doubt about everything. The greater the intellect, the more skeptical it will be. It can function very keenly if you say no. If you say yes, intellect is annihilated; hence, the emphasis of all religions on faith - because in faith intellect cannot move. There is no basis for it to move. There is no further goal; yes becomes the end. If you can say yes to the whole existence, thinking will stop. Thinking has the quality of denial. The master says, “Do not deny.” In the nondenial, intellect disappears.

And you ask me what to do about intellect. It will not be there. You will not have to do anything; you will not have to deny it. And you cannot deny intellect because denial is intellectual. If you deny intellect, the very denial gives more roots to your intellectual mind. You will become a victim. If you deny intellect, you will become a victim of a deeper intellectual effort. You cannot deny it. How can you deny it? - because denial starts thinking. You can find reasons why not to deny, but those reasons will be appeals to the intellect. You can find arguments why to deny, but those arguments will be intellectual.

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