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Chapter 3: A Sense of Separateness

4. Kill out all sense of separateness.

Do not fancy you can stand aside
from the bad man or the foolish man.
They are yourself, though in a less degree
than your friend or your Master.

Remember that the sin and shame of the world
are your sin and shame;
for you are a part of it;
your karma is inextricably interwoven
with the great Karma.
And before you can attain knowledge
you must have passed through all places,
foul and clean alike.

As man has become more civilized, more and more educated and cultured, he has also become more anxious, restless and troubled. Why is this? As man’s intellect grows, why does his unhappiness also grow? The reason for this growing unhappiness is because the whole development of the intellect is based on the idea and the feeling of duality. Intellect dissects, intellect separates; it analyzes, it draws boundaries, it defines.

The heart unifies. It shatters boundaries, it demolishes definitions and the mystery is born. The more heart there is in life, the less anxiety; the more intellect there is, the more anxiety.

Intellect divides. It is just like a prism: as the sun’s rays pass through it, it breaks them into seven parts, and seven colors become visible. The same ray that was white before passing through the prism now divides into seven parts - it becomes seven-colored.

Sometimes in the rainy season, a rainbow forms in the sky because the drops of rain function like a prism, they break the sunray into seven colors. Intellect works just like a prism. Whenever you look through the intellect, things are broken down and separated into parts.

This is the danger of the intellect, but it is also its usefulness. If you have to define something, if you want to know something correctly, what it is, then you will have to dissect it., otherwise nothing will be known, because as far as existence is concerned, everything is one whole. So in fact, it will only be possible to know a single thing when the whole is known - which is an impossibility. Even a small pebble is connected, joined to the whole of existence; the whole of existence has taken part in the creation of even that small pebble. The sun has contributed, the sky has provided the space, the earth has given substance to it - together they have made that piece of stone. The infinite has given life to it in infinite ways. So until we have understood the whole, we will not be able to understand that small piece of stone.

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