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Chapter 2: Discovering Your Own Path

People in the West today are crying out for more than theoretical solutions to their human agony. You have spoken to us often about there being 112 major techniques to opening the gates of the divine. Today, from the beginning to the end of this talk, please will you tell us about some of these major methods so that seekers can know and use them?

No theoretical solution is possible. Although it always appears that the human problem is a theoretical problem, the problem is always existential, it is never theoretical. It is not a puzzle to be solved by the intellect, rather, it is a river that can be crossed only through an existential leap. And whenever the intellect tries to solve it, it only goes around and around the problem; it never arrives there, it doesn’t even touch the problem. The problem remains untouched by the intellect.

Why? - primarily because intellect is the source of creating problems. To be more exact, intellect is the problem. It can never solve, it can only create problems. Just as leaves grow on the trees, problems grow on the mind. It always promises to solve them, but each solution only creates more problems.

Somewhere, Dean Inger has written a sentence: “I cannot love a valid inference. It is valid logically, rationally, but still I cannot love it.” No validity can create, can inspire love. A particular theory can be rational but it cannot inspire you to live it. Validity is of no significance as far as living is concerned.

So the first thing to be understood is: intellect can create problems, can create solutions, but it reaches nowhere. It remains where it was. And life goes on in its own dimension, untouched. By life I mean the total being and by intellect I mean that part of your being which speculates, which thinks.

If you go deep, then your thinking part is a very nonessential part of your being. Real life goes on without any help from your mind. You are born, you grow, you become a youth, you fall in love, you die. Everything happens below or beyond the mind. The mind is not involved at all in the deeper sources of life.

And every problem comes from the deeper sources. That’s why any intellectual approach is irrelevant. Your life comes from somewhere that your mind cannot penetrate. If you ask psychologists they will say that your life is below the mind - your life is unconscious - and the mind is the conscious. And your unconscious is nine times greater than your conscious part. Your conscious part is not functioning for twenty-four hours. The unconscious is functioning twenty-four hours. When you are asleep, the unconscious is functioning. It is regulating everything without you, and more efficiently than when you are present.

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