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Chapter 10: Mentation and Meditation

The roots go inward, and the deeper the roots go withinward the stronger your outer expansion will be. This makes meditation, in a sense, the opposite of intellectual development, just as the roots are, in a sense, opposite to the tree. The tree rises high, the roots go deep, and the directions in which they grow are opposite to each other. In this sense meditation is opposite to intellect, but in another sense the whole outward expansion of the tree is supported by its roots. They are not really in any opposition; the whole glory of intellect depends on meditation.

So Einstein cannot have an intellect like that of Buddha, because Buddha has not merely the outer intellectual web but also the inner light of meditation. His intellect is illuminated by this internal light of meditation. His intellect cannot do the wrongs that were otherwise possible for it to do, because the light of meditation will direct it, guide it. So the intellect cannot go astray, the horses of the intellect will never run him into pitfalls, because the charioteer is present within. That conscious meditation is the inner master now.

Nurture both the intellect and meditation in the child; give him roots, and give him the vast expanse of the sky. And remember that the balance between the two is very important; neither should grow out of proportion to the other. Only if you can do this have you fulfilled your parental commitment in the real sense; only then have you given birth to the child in the real sense. Otherwise, you gave the child his body, but his soul did not get any support from you. The birth of the body is a very ordinary matter. The birds and the animals all manage this much with no difficulty - there is nothing special in it, it is no great attainment of yours.

And another point to remember is that in bringing light to your child’s soul you are bringing light to your own. It cannot be otherwise. It is impossible to avoid catching light yourself while helping to bring it to the other. If you love your child, send him on the journey to the intellect, give him roots in meditation, and you will suddenly find that in shaping him, you yourself are being shaped. When a sculptor makes efforts to enhance a sculpture, it is not only that the sculpture becomes beautiful; in the process the sculptor too becomes more beautiful.

It is impossible to give birth to beauty without becoming more beautiful yourself. It is impossible to give birth to a balance in someone without yourself becoming balanced. If you are truly a father, then the birth of a son in your house will transform the whole of your life, because when you try to shape your son as a beautiful, healthy and peaceful person, how can you not become peaceful too? In fact you will first have to create in yourself all that you want to create in your son. A husband and wife can enjoy their carefree play with each other while they have no children, but with the birth of a child a new link has been added in their life, and now play alone is not enough. Now there is a deep responsibility in their lives, and it is a fascinating responsibility because it is full of love. This child will begin to transform both his mother and his father.

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