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Chapter 21: No Mind, No Time

I said, “What about Hare Krishna, Hare Rama?”

He said, “All that is nonsense.”

I said, “Have you forgotten?”

He said, “No, I have not forgotten, but in weakness, in helplessness one starts looking for some help from the beyond.”

I said, “Then all your intellectual, philosophical argumentation is only superficial. If it can’t help you in your helplessness then it is of no use.”

You can trust existence as an intellectual effort, and you can go on managing your intellectual effort, but in any helpless moment you will start forgetting about it all and you will come to your reality that you have been hiding. I would not like to put you in a mess such as Krishnamurti has put millions of people. I have come across many of them. Just their intellect is full of the answers that Krishnamurti has been repeating continuously almost for seventy years.

Krishnamurti lived long, ninety years, and he started speaking when he was twenty. I think nobody else has ever conditioned people’s minds for seventy years - and he was against conditioning people’s minds. He conditioned them so much. And he was a great intellectual, a great rationalist: he could convince people very easily, and he convinced them. But all that conviction melted immediately when a person was dying. Dada Dharmadhikari was one of his very close friends.

Never start from the secondary. Always remember as a fundamental rule to start from the primary. And the primary reality and existence is you.

Hidden within you is satyam shivam sundaram - the truth, the godliness and the utter beauty of it. That is the seed. Take care of it, and you will soon have a vast tree arising in you, spreading its branches in all directions with millions of flowers.

But the beginning is you, and unless you begin right from the interior of your being, all your beginnings are wrong.