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Chapter 6: The Irrational Rationalist

If I am intelligent in my innermost core, then the existence cannot be unintelligent, because I am born out of this existence. I am a by-product of this existence. If I am intelligent, then the universe has to be intelligent; otherwise from where will my intelligence come? Dr. Kovoor is an intelligent man. And that is enough proof that there is God. Otherwise from where comes this intelligence?

He goes on saying that life is nothing but chemicals; life is “sustained by the oxidatory chemical action (oxidization).. This chemical action is maintained by my breathing and blood circulation. It is not in any way different from the production of heat and light energies during the combustion of the hydrocarbon in a burning candle.” But a burning candle has no intelligence. He says there is no difference in any way between a man’s life and a burning candle. The burning candle is not intelligent.

I tried because I thought “maybe” - so I criticized a burning candle last night. But I could not provoke her. I succeeded with Dr. Kovoor. I “pushed his button”; he is very angry. Can you push the button of a burning candle, and will the burning candle criticize you? There seems to be a little difference, Dr. Kovoor. It can’t be just a burning candle. You got hurt; you jumped to defend yourself. You have been arguing against me; you have been calling me names - all the names that can be called. He says Osho is an “ignoramus,” Osho is a “fool,” Osho is “crazy,” Osho is “mad,” Osho is “absurd,” Osho - so on, so forth. He has exhausted the whole vocabulary.

Now, I tried hard with a burning candle. Nothing happened. The burning candle continued to burn. There is some difference. The difference is that of intelligence.

And if you say that life is born out of chemicals, then too you will have to accept that somehow the chemicals are carrying a latent intelligence. Otherwise from where will this intelligence come in? Out of the blue? From where?

He says life is nothing but oxidization, breath - breathing in, breathing out. But can’t you become a witness to your breath? Can’t you sit silently? The Buddhists have been doing so down the ages. Can’t you see the breath coming in, going out? You breathe in; you can watch. You breathe out; you can watch. Between the two there is a gap; you can watch that gap too. Certainly somebody else is there hidden behind the breathing process: a witnessing intelligence.

That’s what meditation is all about: to know the witness, to know the sakshin, to know the observer.

Even if life comes out of chemicals, out of oxidization, even if life is prolonged by oxidization, one thing is certain: that life is far superior to these things. There is intelligence, there is awareness. This awareness cannot be objectively proved, because I cannot put this awareness on the table for your examination. This awareness is subjectivity. When a scientist is trying to analyze something, there are two things: the thing that he is analyzing and the person who is hidden behind and is analyzing it. The analyzed is not the analyzer; and the analyzer is not the analyzed. The observer, the subjectivity, is there standing behind.

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