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Chapter 1: You Simply Are

I have my objections. First, anything that you are freed of automatically you can be fettered with again automatically, because it was never in your hands. Your slavery was out of your hands; your freedom is also out of your hands. And ‘automatically’ is not the right word to use in the world of consciousness. In the world of consciousness things can happen spontaneously, but not automatically. Perhaps Basui is not well versed. He is a man who knows, but he is not a man who can express the inexpressible. He is trying his best.

I say a child can awaken accidentally, for example, if a rat runs over the child. And if, for example, the child is Anando, can you think what will happen? - an explosion in Lao Tzu house! The rat is not concerned with your enlightenment, but you will become enlightened.at least for the moment. And then you can go to sleep again.

Anything from outside can disturb your mind, and your dreams are nothing but your mind. So it cannot be said that the child can be freed of this suffering automatically. Once in a while it has happened that the child has come to the end of dreaming and is fed up with the dreaming. The child is only a symbol for a sleeping humanity. Everybody at a certain moment is going to get bored with what he is doing. And how long has he been doing it?

Even in sleep.and everybody is in sleep with open eyes. The sleep does not denote your ordinary sleep, it denotes your spiritual sleep. You are not aware of yourself, that is the meaning of sleep. But for how long? It depends on your intelligence. If you have no intelligence at all then you never feel bored. Boredom is the measurement. Just watch a buffalo; you cannot find on the whole earth a buffalo that is bored, or even has thought about it - boredom? It has not come into the consciousness of the buffalo.

In humanity, the people with the very highest intelligence - like Jean-Paul Sartre, or Jaspers, or Martin Heidegger, or Soren Kierkegaard - suddenly came out with a new idea which humanity had never thought about. That was the idea of boredom. Man’s real problem is boredom and he goes on avoiding it. He goes on hoping good days will come, that the night will be over, that sooner or later there will be a sunrise. But as far as boredom is concerned, it has been gathering since eternity.

But only a very few intelligent people - who can be counted on ten fingers, from all around the world - have touched on the sense of boredom. And particularly the people who created the philosophy of existentialism based it on the question of boredom: man is so bored that except suicide there seems to be no exit.

In Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, perhaps the most important novel that has ever been written, one of the brothers - it is a history of the three brothers Karamazov - is an atheist and another brother is a very devoted theist. The atheist brother says to him, “Listen, if by chance you prove to be right and you meet God.I don’t believe that this is going to happen, because there is no God in my conception, but you insist that there is a God, so do at least a little service for your brother. Just tell your God, ‘My brother wants to get out of this existence. You have bored him enough.’”

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