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Chapter 27: Love Your Camel and Trust

Perhaps mountains have their own intelligence, oceans and stars. The whole existence as a cosmic whole may have different kinds of intelligence, but it is certainly an intelligent universe.

There is no need of any God. Because God will become old, will one day die and the universe will remain deserted: the engineer is gone and the workshop is closed. What will the poor stars do? From where will they get the guidance? Everything will become a chaos!

I have heard, a surgeon was saying that surgery is the oldest science, because God created Eve by taking a rib out of Adam. Surgery - a miraculous surgery, without any chloroform, without any developed instruments.

His friend said, “Surgery may be very old, but I am a creator, a painter. Creation is even older than surgery, because before creation there was only chaos.”

Then the third friend started laughing hilariously, hysterically.

They said, “What has happened? Why are you laughing?”

He said, “I am laughing, because who created the chaos? He was a politician! Without a politician you cannot create chaos.”

So it is all wrong what is written in the Bible, that there was the word in the beginning. Absolutely nonsense. There was a politician in the beginning. The politician created the chaos and then out of chaos God can create the whole universe. But without a politician even God cannot create chaos.

In this whole universe, stars don’t go on strike because they don’t have any unions; roses don’t declare, “We are on strike and this spring there will be no roses because proper nourishment has not been given to us. And there are many roses who are unemployed - employment is needed; otherwise we will not blossom.”

No, existence simply continues smoothly, without any disturbance. It needs no God - God is simply its own intrinsic intelligence.

So there is no need to have trust in Allah. And what kind of trust, that it says, “But first tether your camel”? The statement is clear. It says trust in God or not, it doesn’t matter. Tether your camel, and then do all your namaz, your prayer, your meditation, but don’t just trust in God and leave the camel without tethering it!

I will not agree with such a proverb.

I would like to say to you, tether your camel and trust in your intelligence; trust in the intelligence of existence.

Trust is another name of love.

Love yourself and love all that is all around you. If your very being becomes just a loving being, perhaps you may not even need to tether the camel. Your love will stop him going from his place.

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