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Chapter 30: Live Dangerously

The vice-chancellor said, “All these reports have been coming to me. But I know you: rules are dead; all the prefects that have preceded you were dead. So I have not bothered about the reports against you, I have not called you. But now this is troublesome. This is a government affair. Now the government wants every student to be trained in the army; otherwise he will not be given the graduation certificate.”

I said, “There is no problem. I will not ask for the graduation certificate, I can give you my word in writing. It is not a problem. What am I going to do with your graduation certificate? But I am not going to be forced by idiotic people.”

And in the army the whole procedure is to destroy your intelligence - because if you are intelligent, you cannot be a good soldier. To be a good soldier, you have to choose.. You have to drop intelligence; otherwise how can you kill somebody who has done nothing to you, to whom you are not even introduced? You are killing him, and you don’t know, he may have an old mother and an old father who depend on him, or a wife and children who will all be orphans and beggars - and you are killing this man for no reason, just because you are getting a salary to kill? And he is getting a salary to kill; you are both hired killers. “I am not going to become a hired killer.”

And to create this situation, that you can kill easily, first your intelligence has to be completely destroyed. That’s the training, what they call the training in the army - right turn, left turn, turnabout, go forward, go backward - three hours every day. The person is simply functioning like a robot. He is not to ask, “Why should I turn left? What is the reason? And if again I have to turn back to the same position, then why bother? Remain standing in the same position, people are going to come back sooner or later to the same position.” No, you are not supposed to ask.

All those procedures are created to destroy questioning, doubting, inquiring - and these are what give sharpness to your intelligence. When for years you don’t ask and you simply follow, whatsoever is said you follow, your intelligence starts getting rusted. One day the order comes, “Shoot!” and you shoot. It is not that you are shooting. That intelligence that you used to have is no longer there to think. Now it is almost like, “Left turn.”

So I said to the vice-chancellor, “I am not going. Count me out. If there is any problem, you have to fight for me. And I am ready to fight with anybody; with the state government.I am ready to stand before the state parliament and to fight for my right - that I cannot be destroyed. I will not allow anybody to touch my intelligence in this way. And if it is the federal government, I am ready to go there - but you remember that I am not joining. And I will not ask for the certificate.”

He said, “Don’t you be worried.” He said, “To take you to the state government or to the federal government will create more trouble. So you keep quiet, you simply keep quiet; you don’t say anything to anybody. I will take care of it, I am responsible. So if any problem arises I am responsible.” I said, “That is your business.”

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