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Chapter 7: The Flowering of Godliness

This is why as education becomes more prevalent, as the capacity for thinking grows and as the intellect becomes more sharp, simultaneously discontent will also increase. America has the highest number of mad people. Don’t feel happy about this; don’t think that because of this you are more fortunate. It just means that today America is the most developed in the intellectual field.

In affluent families there will always be more tension and anxiety. Actually, it should be otherwise. There is not much tension in poor, village families. Affluent families are more tense because along with more money, there comes more intellect also. As the intellect grows, affluence will also grow. The poorer a person is, the less will be his intellectual development; otherwise he would also have become rich. A poor man may be unhappy, but he is not restless. It means that the more layers are active within, the more is the struggle and the tension.

If a person could live only in his body he would have no reason to be tense. But you cannot live only in the body, the mind is standing behind you. The body says one thing and the mind says another. You are eating a meal and the body says, “My stomach is full,” but the mind says, “The food is very tasty, you can eat a little more.” Then intelligence warns, “You are being stupid because it will make you ill.” These three layers are creating the tension within you.

The body does not understand any moral rules, it is like an animal. But the mind is always in great conflict: the mind has the desires of an animal as well as the conditionings of a man, the knowledge given by the society and also a conscience. If you are hungry the body will say, “Steal, there is no harm in it” - because at the body level there is no problem at all - but the mind will experience uneasiness.

The ego will say, “If you are caught stealing you will be disgraced,” and the mind will say, “If you have to steal, do it in such a way that you are not caught.” And the intelligence that is a deeper layer will say, “Whether you are caught or not, stealing is a wrong act.” Your intelligence will go on feeling the pinch even if you are never caught.

Man’s restlessness is because he is divided into many layers. If you understand this clearly then the next thing will be easy to understand.

The next point is that it is not possible to quiet a disturbance on one layer through the power of that same layer. That disturbance can be qui-eted only through the power of a higher layer. If there is disturbance on a body level it is not possible for the body to solve it, but the mind can do it. If there is a problem on the level of mind, mind itself cannot solve it, but intelligence can do it. If there is any problem on the level of intelligence, intelligence cannot solve it: for that one will have to move to the level of the soul. If there is any problem on the soul level, unless one reaches to the level of the universal self, there can be no solution. It means that wherever the problem is, the solution should be searched for at a higher level.

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