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Chapter 16: Fear Is Always of the Unknown

Anand Veeresh,

Humaniversity, Holland

Before I ask you these questions, I just want to say thank you. I am so happy.

I know. The moment I entered this morning, I saw your tears and I knew how happy you are.

You can ask your questions.

They’re about therapy. When I work with people in therapy in depth, three fears continuously come up in them: the fear of going crazy, the fear of letting go in sexual orgasm and the fear of dying. These three fears come up over and over again in my work. Can you please comment on this?

It is really very significant, an existential question. Humanity has lived in these three fears for thousands of years. They are not personal, they are collective; they come from the collective unconscious.

The fear of going crazy is in everyone, for the simple reason that their intelligence has not been allowed to develop. Intelligence is dangerous to the vested interests, so for thousands of years they have been cutting the very roots of intelligence.

In Japan they have a certain tree which is thought to be a great art, but is simply murder. The trees are four hundred, five hundred years old and six inches high; generations of gardeners have taken care of them. The technique is that trees are put into pots without any bottom. They go on cutting the roots; they don’t allow the roots to go into the earth. And when you don’t allow the roots to go deep, the tree simply grows old, it never grows up. It is a strange phenomenon to see the tree. It looks ancient, but it has only grown old, old, old - but it has never grown up. It has never blossomed, it has never given any fruits.

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