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Chapter 34: A Danger to the Crowd

Who am I to give you a moral code? You have to find your morality yourself, and only the morality that you have found for yourself will give you dignity. It will not be a bondage, you will not feel burdened, enslaved, imprisoned. On the contrary, you will feel integrated, crystallized, more pure and more clear. You are living according to your own light, and the more you use your light, your intelligence, your silence, the more it grows. Remember always, if you stop using anything it dies. Don’t use your eyes for a few years and then you will not be able to see.

Just here in this city, a few years before, there was a very beautiful man, Meher Baba. He had remained silent for perhaps more than fifty years. He had taken the vow of silence for only three years in the beginning, but then he enjoyed the silence so much that he continued for three more years. But after three years, if you continue to be silent.three years is the limit. After three years, if you continue, then your vocal chords start dying. Unused, any machine, any mechanism becomes just junk.

And then he became world famous, and people began asking him to start speaking. He would promise, “From the coming birthday, I am going to speak.” This he declared almost twenty times; and each year, when the day came to speak, he didn’t speak. And people wondered, what is the reason, why has he not fulfilled his promise? - a man of truth. But nobody thought of a simple thing.

When I used to go around the country, his private secretary, Adi Irani, used to come to see me while I was visiting Ahmednagar. That is where Meher Baba used to live most of the time. He had a place here also, but most of the time he was in Ahmednagar. Whenever I used to go to Ahmednagar, Adi Irani would tell me many things about Meher Baba and asked many questions. He asked me why he was not speaking - there was so much contemplation going on amongst the disciples.

I said, “It is nothing to contemplate, he has remained too long in silence. He tries, he makes an effort - that’s why he goes on promising - but the mechanism has failed. And I can say to you,” I told Adi Irani, “that he will never speak. Not that he is lying - he is trying hard; he will try up to his last breath to manage to speak. But how can you speak if your mechanism of speaking is non-functioning?”

Adi Irani said, “This is strange, none of us has ever thought about it. But perhaps you are right.” And that’s what happened.he never spoke, and until his death he continued to promise, but he could not do anything.

If you don’t use your intelligence - and every religion wants you not to use your intelligence.their strategy is: believe, have faith. They don’t say directly, “Don’t use your intelligence;” but in an indirect and in a cunning way, they stop you from using intelligence. If you have faith there is no need for intelligence. If you have beliefs there is no need for intelligence; and a man who has become retarded because of beliefs and faith cannot be sensitive.

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