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Chapter 7: The Proper State of Mind

Somebody asked, “What are you doing?”

He said, “I would like to die alert, awake. I don’t want to die asleep, otherwise I will miss the beauty of death.” And he died walking.

That is the way to do a mantra: walk.

If you go to Bodh Gaya where Gautama the Buddha attained enlightenment, near the bodhi tree you will find a small path. On that path Buddha walked continuously: for one hour he would meditate under the tree, and then for one hour he would walk.

When his disciples asked, “Why?” he would say, “Because if I sit too much under the tree, then sleepiness starts coming.”

The moment sleepiness starts coming one has to walk because otherwise you will slip into sleep and the whole mantra is lost. The mantra is to create boredom, the mantra is to create a fed up-ness so that you can jump into the abyss. But if you move into sleep the abyss is missed.

All Buddhist meditations alternate: you do them sitting, but when you feel drowsiness setting in, immediately you get up and start doing them walking. Then the moment you see that the sleepiness has disappeared, sit again, do the meditation again. If you go on doing this, a moment comes when suddenly you slip out of the words, just like a snake who slips out of his old skin. And it happens very naturally, there is no effort to it.

So the first thing to remember about mind is: it is a constant chattering. That chattering keeps it alive, that chattering is a food for it. Without that chattering the mind cannot continue. So drop out of the clutches of the mind, that is, drop out of inner chattering.

You can do this by forcing yourself, but then again you miss. You can force yourself not to talk inside, just as you can force yourself not to talk outside; you can keep a forced silence. In the beginning it is difficult, but you can go on insisting and you can force the mind not to talk. It is possible. If you go to the Himalayas you will find many people who have attained to it, but you will find dullness on their faces, not intelligence. The mind has not been transcended, it has simply been dulled. They have not moved into an alive silence, they have simply forced the mind and controlled it. It is as if a child has been forced to sit in the corner and not to move. Watch him: he feels restless but he goes on controlling himself, afraid. He represses his energy, otherwise he will be punished.

If this goes on for as long as it does - in schools children are sitting for five or six hours - by and by they are dulled, their intelligence is lost. Every child is born intelligent, and almost ninety-nine percent of people die stupid. The whole education dulls the mind, and you can also do the same to yourself.

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